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We are looking for couples who would like to give an interview together. Couples can be of any age/nationality/gender etc. All of the interviews will be part of a research in loving/romantic relationships, their meaning, expectations, beliefs and the challenges they face.

The interviews will be recorded and the audio material will be the basis for the composition of a dance performance. Phrases, words and sentences from the interviews will inspire the dancers in their movement. They will also be used as audio material inside the music composition.



Before the interview:
- We will discuss all the information about the project and the research.
- We will find the time / day / place of the interview.

At the Interview:
- We will give you the question cards.
- You will choose around10 question cards and you will ask to each other these questions, taking turns.
- The conversation will take place between you, without the involvement of a third party.
- The discussion will be recorded.
- After the end of the interview we will have 30 more minutes to discuss your experience, provide extra information and close the meeting in the most beneficial way for you.

DURATION IN TOTAL: About 2 hours.
LOCATION: Tilburg and the close by cities.



We understand the sensitivity of the issue and we will respect every intention of the interviewees to:
- remain anonymous,
- give the interview only for the second part (of the scientific research and not of the artistic one).
- stay in discussion about the processing of the material and agree on the final result that will be incorporated in the dance performance.

Similar projects that were the inspiration for this research.



Vicky Angelidou, +306973393122 (whatsapp),

Vicky Angelidou is a choreographer, dancer and dance educator. In recent years she lives and works in between the Netherlands and Greece. She has studied Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dance (Kafantari Professional School of Dance), she holds a master's degree in the performing arts and public space (MA Performing Public Space, Tilburg, Netherlands) and the last year she has begin her training in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She has created many performances and has co-organized Art Festivals in Greece and the Netherlands.

* With the kind support of Kunstloc and Makershuis Tilburg.